Brynne is hiring!

Brynne, an award-winning creative enterprise, specializes in being awesome and delivering wonderfully bizarre work to the world.

We at Brynne have adopted the work hard, be ridiculous hard attitude. Brynne's team is the most valued asset when it comes to defining and creating absurdity. That’s why Brynne offers competitive house parties, splendid dinners, drinks on her, and compelling conversation. At Brynne, you'll never be bored.

That Person Who Posts Photos To Facebook

Brynne seeks a Photo-Posting ninja, starting immediately!

  • + You carry a camera phone at all times
  • + You know that the best Instagram photos are pre-filtered with other photo editing programs
  • + You are fluent in Facebook interfaces across all devices
  • + You have 10+ years of experience and over 40 albums
  • + Path and Twitter are a plus
  • + You will casually hang but discretely monitor candid photo-ops
  • + You will carefully take flattering photos of Brynne and peers
  • + You will apply filters where applicable, but not overdo the old-timey cliche
  • + You will eagerly keep up with the latest trends

To apply for the postion of That Person Who Posts Photos To Facebook, please send your resume and cover letter to